Reporting and Accountability

As a small, but rapidly growing company, Black Star Lines wants to make sure that we always place people and the environment before profits. We strictly prohibit business practices that jeopardize personal safety, disadvantage small business, and harm public trust. Honoring our commitment to being conscious company, we encourage the reporting of unsafe or unethical actions that are observed. Here are some examples that we are looking for:


Are we polluting water, air, or ground sources? This can include loud noises, illegal dumping of trash, hazardous chemical spills. or the use of non-clean air certified equipment.

Environmental Destruction

Are we actively participating in unlawful or morally misguided actions that harm the environment or eliminates habitat of endangered creatures? Example: Rainforest destruction.


Do you suspect that company resources are involved in price gouging, fraud, theft, bribery, racketeering, money laundering, human trafficking, or organized crime?


Are you hearing rumors that we are involved in some form of misconduct?

Unsafe Work Environment

Are we causing or creating an unsafe situation for humans or animals?

Illegal Freight Shipments

Do you have information about illegal drug shipments or stolen merchandise that is being shipped with our equipment?

As a corporate citizen that values human quality of life, we value your trust. We promise to fully investigate all reports immediately and to set about making things right. To file a complaint or leave a tip, please leave email us with your contact information, a detailed description of events including locations, times, and dates as well as any further documentation that will help us take swift action to rectify the situation.

Disclaimer: If you witness a life threatening situation, please contact emergency services immediately by dialing 911.